In the wake of the recent structural failures of buildings in Ghana costing lives of persons, property and resources of developers, there is the need for everyone to be very conscious of what goes into your building project whether you build it yourself or you have someone build for you.

A recap of literature between 2010 and 2016, Ghana recorded 15 structural failures across the country resulting in 35 loss of precious human lives and property and over 1,000 causalities according to Creative Commons Attribution International, (2018). Mention is not made of data before 2010 and after 2016. To correct this anomaly in the system, the founder and CEO of 66 ENGINEERING LIMITED Mr. Daniel Kontie speaking at the website launch program said, he has been an advocate over the years promoting and creating awareness on the importance of building right and helping state institutions enforce the laws on adherence to best practices and the principles of sound structural integrity.

Taking this agenda to another dimension in the year 2020, he decided to form a team of topnotch civil engineers and industry experts in building and construction which led to the execution of several building projects across the length and breadth of the national capital Accra. Early this year, he deemed it fit to formalize operations of the team hence, the birth of 66 ENGINEERING LIMITED.

As our slogan posits “bringing imagination to reality” we do everything construction from conceptualization to architectural drawings, construction to finishing of all building projects be it commercial or residential. We employ state of the art architectural and construction technologies such as BIM for architectural designs and drawings, Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and EDGE tools and standards to ensure high structural integrity as well as eco- friendliness while cutting cost considerably. This gives our clients value for money and saving a whole nation of lives lost every year through structural failures.

The other wing of our services is the supply of all variety of building and construction materials in Accra and beyond. We supply concrete blocks, 4” 5”, 6”, 8” both solid and hollow across Accra. Others include, iron rods, galvanized steel pipes and wire meshes, U-channels, balustrades, roofing sheets, marine boards, latrite (gavels for filling), quarry chippings, river and pit sand, cylindrical concrete pipes-reinforced and non-reinforced, culverts, U-drains, jersey barriers, pavement blocks, concrete slabs, quartzite stones, marble and deco stones for cladding, sale of heavy-duty equipment and rentals, cement of all brands et cetera. We also undertake renovation building projects et cetera.

We are currently ranked among the top five (5) construction companies in Ghana having entered the industry just for a few years. We are calling on all Ghanaians particularly those living in the diaspora who are sending money home for family and friends to build only to come home and realized that there isn’t any house anywhere built for them, to visit us. We will agree on something and your project will be done for you in compliance with all industry and international best practices and quality standards. You can always count on us.

Our doors are also opened to welcome investors who believe and wants to invest in us as plans are underway to acquire and install our concrete products manufacturing plant, already mix concrete manufacturing plant etc.

Visit us in Tema Community 25 Accra- Ghana and all your building needs will be taken care of. You can also reach us on our digital platforms”, 66 Engineering Ltd on Facebook, 66_engineering on Instagram, LXVI Engineering on LinkedIn, @66engineering on TikTok, 66 Engineering on Twitter, 66 Engineering on Jiji and 66 Engineering on YouTube. 66 ENGINEERING: BRINGING IMAGINATION TO REALITY! Stay tuned for more updates…

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