Under the current global economic crises which had a significant negative impact on all nations of the world, it is about time Africans rise to the occasion and seek alternative ways of building a better Africa for Africans today and posterity at large. The estimated housing deficit of 2million in Ghana has recently been exacerbated by the unprecedented exchange rate depreciation of the Ghana Cedi against the US Dollar and other major currencies in the world.

This led to skyrocketing prices of general goods and services including building material inputs. This has made building extremely expensive in Ghana. The masses can neither afford to build, renovate nor rent a decent apartment particularly in the capital city of Ghana, Accra.

There is no other time than this to engage in mass campaign to create awareness on the several alternative ways of building standard yet building cheap in Ghana.

It is therefore our pleasure to come your way today on BUILD STANDARD, BUILDING CHEAP 101article: You will be surprised that after reading this article you will discover the first way to build 2 complete houses using a budget that would have built just one (1) if you were to use the conventional building materials.

The number one (1) way to do this magic is choose HYDRAFORM INTERLOCKING BLOCKS.

Hydraform interlocking blocks are basically stabilized compressed earth blocks using cement as the stabilizing component. Lime or pozzolana are sometimes used alternatively as the binding element. The blocks come with grooves at the top, down, front and back of it. This makes it possible for the blocks to interlock to form a solid wall without the use of mortar joints as shown in the hydraform block wall in this picture above.

Now, let us take a look at the properties of the hydraform blocks after which we will look at reasons why the hydraform technology is the only way to build standard yet, build cheap.

  1. The hydraform block has an average compressive strength of 8Mpa. This is far higher than the average compressive strength of the normal concrete block. This comes partly as a result of its 9 inches width giving it a broader surface area.
  2. It is also bulletproof because of the width
  3. They are fireproof
  4. Earthquake resistant
  5. Maintains good room temperature et cetera.

These properties and many others made the hydraform a preferrable choice in residential home building.

Apart from these properties, the hydraform block saves the builder a good deal of money as:

  1. Transportation cost is eliminated because the blocks are produced on project site unlike the traditional blocks that are produced at the factory and has to be transported to site before they are used.
  2. Mortar joints are also eliminated because the blocks interlock perfectly to form the wall unlike the conventional blocks that requires mortar joints to form a strong wall. In this case, cost of cement, sand, water and labour to produce mortar for mortar joints are entirely eliminated.


  1. No plastering is required. The wall is only polished using a less expensive hydraform wall polish. Therefore, the cost of cement, sand, water and labour is also eliminated here.
  2. In the case of a fence wall, iron rods for reinforcements for beams, cement, sand and water for concrete as well as the labour for all is also eliminate entirely. Do check out a complete hydraform house built in Ghana recently by 66 ENGINEERING LTD for less than Ghs 200,000.

Contact 66 ENGINEERING LTD +233209032280, send us a mail on or better still visit our website on for more insight in building and construction. 66 ENGINEERING: BRINGING IMAGINATION TO REALITY!


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